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Serendipity (n.) is the gift of finding something joyful

in things not looked for.


At Seaside Serendipity, we believe that everything you discover was always meant to find you. That's why each piece in our shop is curated or handcrafted with deep intention. Inspired by Maine’s rocky coastlines, we create and source special pieces that reflect the quintessential beauty of the earth and sea. We hope you'll enjoy experiencing the sweet serendipity of nature with us. 


Impassioned by the beautiful coast of Maine, Seaside Serendipity bloomed out of a deep love of nature. At a young age, Audra began spending summer afternoons by the beach gathering smooth sea glass, quarts-filled stones, and colorful wildflowers. To preserve those memories, she began creating unique botanical artwork using materials collected locally. Today, she shares her sea glass artwork and other nature-based creations & curations with others in hopes of re-connecting humans with nature, right in their own homes.

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